The Arts

The Conservatory functions independently from the school and offers classes for children, teens and adults, beginners to professionals; therefore, it is not a requisite to be a student in the school to enroll in the Conservatory. Our Conservatory offers a variety of disciplines that benefit any student. Classes in piano, recorder, saxophone, percussion, guitar, trumpet, voice, theater, ballet, Spanish dance, tap, jazz, hip hop, painting, sculpture, photography and the martial arts continue the implementation of our philosophy of the arts enhancing education and life. 

Classes in the arts bring joy to your child’s life today and give him the edge needed for success in the future. They allow your child the opportunity to discover the extraordinary talents that lie within and around him as well as allow him to find joy, passion, and pride in the discipline and effort required to master a technique, a tone, or a step. All of which help your child become better prepared for success in his academic world and beyond in life.


Beginners through Professionals

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