Conchita Espinosa
(February 23, 1914 – September 19, 2006)

Her motto:
“To reach a child's soul one must know him,
guide him and especially, love him.”

Our founder, Conchita Espinosa, dedicated her life to guiding our youth. At 14, she graduated from the International Conservatory in Havana, continued her studies under Jasha Fischerman and Joaquin Nin, and performed in Mexico, Cuba and the U.S. This formidable pedagogue founded her own conservatory in Havana in 1933.

By 1959, it had grown into an elementary school and arts conservatory with over 450 students. The late composer Ernesto Lecuona, considered by many to be one of Cuba’s most distinguished musicians, declared, “You were born to teach.  You have the divine gift of transforming the student and accomplishing the maximum, always bringing out his personality. That is a gift from God.”

Throughout the years Conchita Espinosa Academy of the Arts has been blessed with some of the best teachers who shared Conchita’s dedication to arts education.  In the past we have been fortunate to have teachers like Martha Mahr, Rosita Segovia, Dulce Anaya, Michael Fokine, Elena del Cueto, etc.  We continue to have the finest teachers available working with our students.

Today, Conchita’s dream is lovingly made anew by her daughter and CEA and Conservatory Director, Maribel Z. Diaz and her granddaughter and Middle School Principal, Carol Diaz-Zubieta, along with Academy and Conservatory teachers—some who knew Conchita, some who did not, but they all work together, knowing that at the heart of each performance is the core of what Conchita’s legacy is all about: “¡Ser mejor, mejor y mejor!”


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