Martial Arts

Led by our instructor, Sensei Frank Llerena, Renshi, Rokudan (Six Degree Black Belt), Martial Arts classes at Conchita Espinosa Academy consist of Traditional Okinawa Karate (Shuri-Te, Shuri-Ryu, Shuri-Goju-Ryu). We also have Kata (Forms) from other systems in Okinawa, and some Jujitsu techniques. Students will learn self control and discipline and are required to wear a white kimono (Gi), which can be purchased at any Martial Art Store or through the Sensei.

Karate-ka (Students) will have 2 classes weekly on two different days.

Day One: techniques and fighting methods, which is divided into four parts.

1) Warming
(Power and Stretching exercises)

2) Self Defense

3) Fighting Methods

4) Learn and Practice Kata and Requirements for Belt Promotions

Day Two: fighting practice.

We participate in Panamerican, state and local tournaments, having consistently won medals in several events every year.


Beginners through Professionals

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