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Dance Intensive

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The Fair, March 2011

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Dance Master Class

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Florida Dance Association's Dance Festival on Tour in Gainesville

Conservatory's Guitar Ensemble's An Afternoon of Music

The 2011 Dance Advisory Calendar

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All Conservatory classes have their open class week November 15-19.

There are no assigned days for specific groups, so parents are free to choose when to come, depending on which class they would like to observe. Below are pictures of Spanish Dance, with teacher Ms. Leiza Mendez and guest teacher Ms. Marisol Moreno, and two ballet classes, with Ms. Danella Bedford and Ms. Patricia Strauss, as proud parents watch the dancers in class.

Hall Monitor, Santa Oyola welcomes parents to the open classes. Below are pictures from a Tap class with teacher, Ms. Judy Ann Bassing, Spanish Dance with Ms. Marisol and Ms. Leiza, ballet with Ms. Danella, jazz with Ms. Patricia, and Cuban Dance with Ms. Eileen de la Guardia.


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