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January 18-27, 2012

The Scholastic Book Fair is open for your reading pleasure. Mrs. White, our librarian, and Juan Chao, our assistant librarian, are sure that the fair has something everyone!

Juan has already bought some books for himself and for his friends, who are big fans of the STAR WARS movies, and of authors such as Suzann Colins and Nicholas Sparks.

Our Conservatoy Ballet students, for example, will find several books to enjoy.

For those who like to draw, there are books that teach you techniques to draw some of your favorite Pokémon and Sponge Bob characters.

This April will mark the 100th Anniversary of that tragic day when the Titanic sank. For those history buffs who would like to know more about this famous ship, there are several books to choose from.

There are books with recipes fit for any little princess!

And for all pet lovers across CEA, it will be hard to pick your favorite one among the many titles on display!

And parents, the fair has books for your reading pleasure, as well! So come by. Nurture your child’s love for reading. It will open doors to a world of amazing adventures.

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