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Dance Intensive Performance

Our Summer Dance Intensive put on a spectacular show on Thursday, June 27, and the morning of Friday, June 28, in the Rosita Segovia Theater. The girls have worked with Ms. Danella and Patricia Strauss as well as other guest teachers for the last 3 weeks and grown as dancers, choreographers, and observers.

The program was a kaleidoscope of wonderful choreographies that took the audience from a classical piece “Brandenburg Concerto” choreographed by Patricia Strauss to the heart of the ‘60s with “Aquarius” choreographed by Ms. Danella. Jazz and lyrical pieces along with works the dancers themselves choreographed made the program memorable. But the close of the program dazzled us all. Ms. Danella’s Cinderella was priceless. The dancers used their technique and their spirits to recreate this fairy tale classic in such a way that everyone felt transported to that time they first heard the tale. What a magical evening!

These students and their teachers are a true reflection of our philosophy at CEA. When you do something you truly love, you grow in that particular area and in all other areas of your life. We are very proud of our artists and their gifted teachers. Thank you, Mrs. J. Fernandez for the wonderful work you did with the costumes. Thank you, Ms. Danella, Ms. Patricia, and all of the guest artists, who allowed our students to blossom under their direction.

Congratulations to all who participated! What a wonderful way to begin the summer!


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