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Middle School Music Ensemble: Christopher Perez, Claudia Barreto, Katherine Marino, Francheska Fernandez, Fernanda Miranda, and Allison Majors

Central Park Concerts
Join us throughout December to witness our young musicians and dancers display their talent and holiday spirit in our very own Conchita Espinosa Central Park Concert Series.



Music Mastery Performs in CEA Central Park
3:30 p.m. • Free Admission
Musicians will perform in the CEA/CEC Central Park to get us in the holiday spirit!



Choir and Dance Concert
3:00 p.m. • Free Admission
Groups Participating: Junior Choir, Junior Dance Mastery, Senior Dance Mastery, Red Ballet II, Light Blue Ballet II, Avery Villasuso Tap Solo, Hines Tap, Broadway



Dance Concert
3:00 p.m. • Free Admission
Groups Participating: Junior Choir, Teruel I, Cantabria I, Cordoba II, Andalucia, Malaga, Hip Hop IV and Crew, All Cuban Dancers

*Dancers will be performing in their class uniforms.
Details on accessories will follow.

Central Park Concerts | Participants

Yoanna's Students (Piano):
Victoria Curre
Lucia Ramirez

Mirtha and Rey's Students (Guitar):
Grace Odom-Montbrun
Julieta Montes
Bryan Malagon
Carla Cruz
Gabriel Vick
Isabella Rojas
Valeria Rojas
Thomas Weiss
Amanda Toyos
Priscila Puentes
Andres Caballero
Lucas Bikkesbaker
Milagros Lardiez
Isabella Bailey
Gabriel Velazquez
Jorge Vigil
Mathias Cipolla
Elisa Rodriguez
Melanie Malagon

Yirka's Students (Piano)
Andrea Comas
Alexa Velazco
Hailey Majors
Alexandra Martinez
Diana Rodriguez
Joseph Duran
Camille Saint-Malo
Milagros Lardiez

Lizet's Students (Flute)
Daniella Weiss
Corina Belfort
Alejandro Fernandez
Allison Majors
Gabriel Belfort
Isabella Lacal
Claudia Barreto
Rowen Pouza
Kaitlyn Gruneiro
Andrea Comas
Alexa Guardo
Sofia Lopez
Lilianne Iglesias

Alina's Students (piano)
Carlotta Montero
Annette Conception

Ibette's Students (piano)
Jose Gaston
Lucas Sabogal

Marlene's Students (piano)
Nicole Medina
Gabriella Garcia-Urbay
Camila Dominguez
Alejandro Fernandez

Teresita's Students (piano)
Natalia Avella
Daniel Avella

Elementary Choir
Isabella Bailey
Lucas del Calvo
Natalie Fernandez
Francesca Granda-Musa
Lilianne Iglesias
Lisset Iglesias
Jose Lopez Gaston
Sandra Maza
Claudia Michiels
Tatiana Perez
Natalie Perez-Rodriguez
Sebastian Prada
Melany Suarez
Isabella Trujillo
Giselle Urbina
Diego Zambrano

Music Makers
Ilan Asis
Adria Baradat
Licas Bikkesbakker
Sofia Bruzos
Denys Castillo
Natalia Grande
Milagros Lardiez
Brian Malagon
Daniella Pancorbo
Pablo Perez
Jasmin Ramos
Kevin Saez
Camila Souza
Ana Milena Tamariz
Daniella Weiss

Music Ensemble
Allison Majors
Katherine Marino
Christopher Perez
Claudia Barreto
Fernanda Miranda
Francheska Fernandez

Natalie Daniel
Emma Rose Gonzalez
Kassandra Hidalgo
Victoria Nin
Marco Sarmiento
Valentina Bustos

Edgar's Students (Voice)
Lucia Corbea
Marina Duran
Isabella Davalos
Anabella Ludovic
Lucia Rojas
Natalie Fernandez
Camile Aranda
Chloe Veloso
Nicole Acosta

Rolando's Students (Violin)
Melissa Percilla
Joseline Mijares
Paloma Diaz
Isabella Trujillo
Miranda Grande
Santiago Lardiez (Cello)



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