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International Day of Peace

September 21st was the U.N. International Day of Peace. Peace Day provides an opportunity for all of humanity to come together, in spirit and in action, to forward the ideals of and conditions for peace. At CEA, every class, from our youngest learners in K3 to our most mature in 8th grade, dedicated time this month to discussing these ideals and conditions for peace and to creating something in honor of a more peaceful world


I want peace
Tu quíeres paź
A salaam alaikam
"And also with your spirit"
Amani (Swaahili)
lape'(Haitian Creole)
Fred (Norwegian)
Sipala (Hopi)
Mir (Bulgarian)
Sholem (Hebrew)
Despite the language or the land
We want
We all want
It is Love's quiet embrace
A stillness
A security
An acceptance
Within and aroundDespite the language or the land
We are all balls of energy
in motion
Sometimes bumping
Sometimes moving
And rubbing
The wrong way
Our souls spun loose upon the world
Seeking the path back to
The source
For peace
Peace be with you
And with me
And with all of us
And also with our spirits

-Yolande Clark-Jackson


Why do we need an International Day of Peace?

I think we need an International Day of Peace because of how much hate there is in the world. We need this day to step back and look at the chaos going on around us that we can one day hopefully change. We need this day to reflect and to try and make a change with what's going on around the world. International Day of Peace is a day to recognize the discord in the world whether it be somebody bullying someone else or a full blown war between two countries. Countries around the world acknowledge this International Day of Peace hoping that people will hold the ideals of strength and peace close to their hearts. An example of a country that most definitely needs peace and strength is Venezuela. My grandma who is currently living in Caracas, Venezuela tells me stories of the once beautiful Venezuela that provided the essentials to a blissful life, but now she can't even leave her home in fear of getting mugged or kidnapped. We definitely need a International Day of Peace because the world must be made aware of the atrocities being committed and how we must come together to combat these horrible things with peace.

- Isabella Babino, 8th Grade

International Peace Day?

What should that look like? My opinion on International Peace Day is that the whole world is bringing peace for that one day. Peace should be brought to Earth for everyday of the year, but for that one day, everyone should radiate peace. First of all, everyone should be at peace with themselves. To bring peace to the world, you need to be at peace with you. On International Peace Day, everyone should dedicate that one day to happiness. Once you wake up in the morning, say to yourself that you love yourself and that you are going to seize the day. You were one of the lucky ones that got to see the sunrise one more time. Don't argue. Just live. Go with the flow. Accept things and move on. Think positive. Be at peace.

- Sofia Naon, 8th Grade

Ms. Jolliff´s 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Santalo's 6th Grade Literature Classes

Peace is teamwork.
Peace is accepting.
Peace is caring.
I think peace is helpfulness.
I think peace is understanding.

- Patricia del Castillo, Mrs. Majors' 3rd Grade Class

Peace is graceful, problem solving, and joyful.
Peace is a better way of doing things.
Peace is great!

- Mariangela Pulvirenti, Mrs. Majors' 3rd Grade Class

With your eyes look for peace.
With your ears listen to the peace.
With your heart feel the peace.
With your hands bring the peace.

- Valentina Perez, Mrs. J. Fernandez' 4th Grade Class

Peace is beautiful.
It is like a guide to leaving
all your worries behind. It is
like planting a peace tree
which only grows with
happy memories.

- Nicole Blasco, Mrs. J. Fernandez' 4th Grade Class

Da paz a alguien mas que lo necesite.
Solamente un gracias o por favor puede mejorar el día de otra persona.

- Narda Garcia-Lozano, 6th Grade, Mrs. Ortega´s Class

Día de la Paz
La blanca paloma nos quiere enseñar que un pueblo sin guerra hemos de alcanzar.
¡Nos trae la alegría, la paz y el amor
y quiere que todos vivamos mejor!

- Corina Belfort, 7th Grade, Mr. Valhuerdi´s Class

Paz es el día de amor
el día que todo el mundo
ve el sol,
y todo el mundo
está en la calle
cantando y bailando.
Es el momento de demostrar
que no queremos
guerra en ningún lugar.
¡¡¡Celebremos el día de la paz!!!

- Arianna Martinez, 6th Grade, Mrs. Santalo´s Class

El amor nos mantiene unidos.
Unidos es como debemos estar.
No nos gusta la tristeza.
Somo como pájaros en la vida.
Los pájaros vuelas juntos.
Si están solos se pierden.
Hay niños sufriendo,
tenemos que juntarnos para para la guerra y crear paz.

- Alejandra Lopez, 6th Grade, Mrs. Santalo´s Class



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Mrs. Majors' 3rd Grade Class Poems - Patricio del Castillo and Mariangela Pulvirenti


Ana Moros, 8th Grade


Carlos Alonso, 7th Grade


Sofia Naon, 8th Grade


Maggie Mesa, 8th Grade


Arianna Martinez, 6th Grade


Isabela Ortiz, 6th Grade






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